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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Requesters and Interpreters,

In response to COVID-19 and measures taken by the State of Washington to practice social distancing, the HCA has implemented an emergency amendment to our Face-to-Face Interpretation contract (K2474) with Universal Language. Effective April 16th, all HCA Medicaid jobs will be completed Over-the-Phone for the duration of the state of emergency or until further notice. This means that Interpreters will only be able to service jobs remotely Over-the-Phone, ensuring that client needs are met without putting the parties at risk of contributing to the spread of COVID-19. All In-Person jobs that are already prescheduled will be converted to Over-the-Phone. If extenuating circumstances require an in-person interpreter, requestors must contact Universal Language directly.

Requesters will schedule jobs as “Phone Pre-Scheduled”, then call Universal Language at the time of the job, and Universal Language Agents will call the interpreter and conference all parties together including the Client (if telemedicine) for an Over-the-Phone Interpretation.

Upon completion of job, Requesters and Interpreters will follow the In-Person process to enter the Start and End times of the jobs in the scheduling portal to be processed for payment. Under the emergency amendment Interpreters will be compensated at the same rates and terms as In-Person payments are processed today.

Universal Language is in process of making the necessary updates to the Salesforce Platform to enable Over-the-Phone interpreting. In this effort, interpreters and requesters will receive additional, detailed information on the process to setup their portal profiles to either request or accept Over-the-Phone-interpretation jobs in the next few days.
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