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Testing Process

Guidance For Your Path Of Success

Navigate the Interpreter Credentialing Journey with Ease

UniversalLanguage is dedicated to helping interpreters achieve their credentialing goals and deliver the highest quality services to their clients. We provide this through our third-party testing for the  Department of Social and Health Services Language Testing Certification program (DSHS LTC). Now, branded as a Recognized Medical Interpreter because DSHS LTC has stopped testing for Certified Medical Interpreters and Authorized Medical Interpreters. They are renaming their credentials for third-party testers to Recognized Medical Interpreter for both tests because this identifies the interpreter as a third-party tester with the same rights and authority of the grandfathered and legacy “Certified Medical Interpreter” and “Authorized / Screen Languages Medical Interpreter.

On this page, we’ll guide you through the testing process, providing an overview of what to expect, tips for preparing, and information about taking and receiving the results of your test.

What To Expect

The credentialing testing process can seem overwhelming, but at UniversalLanguage, we are here to make it as simple and stress-free as possible. When you take the Recognized Medical Interpreter Test with us, you can expect a fair and impartial evaluation of your skills. The test is designed to assess your ability to interpret accurately and effectively in a medical setting. You will be tested on your proficiency in both English and the target language, as well as your ability to adhere to ethical standards. The testing process is conducted in a professional and secure environment, and you will be provided with all necessary materials and instructions on test day. Whether you’re a seasoned interpreter or just starting out, our goal is to provide you with a clear and comprehensive evaluation of your skills and help you achieve your certification goals.

Getting Started with the Testing Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Credentialed Medical Interpreter Certification

UniversalLanguage also offers the Credentialed Medical Interpreter Test. This test is designed to provide interpreters with a way to validate their skills and gain recognition in the profession. Passing the Credentialed Medical Interpreter Test is a great way for interpreters to demonstrate their commitment to their profession and their proficiency in interpreting in a medical setting. The test consists of both oral and written components and covers key areas of knowledge and skills required for effective medical interpretation. Upon passing the test, interpreters will receive a certificate from Universal Language recognizing their achievement.

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