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For all certifications and authorizations, DSHS requires two hours of medical or social service orientation and two hours of ethics training.

UniversalLanguage Service exams are for candidates seeking credentials for employment nationally. They can take our “Credentialed Interpreter Exams” (written and oral) and upon passing both awarded a “Credentialed Interpreter Certificate” The interpreter can present this as a measure of skill and practice to any employer. Those seeking DSHS LTC Credentials as a Recognized Medical Interpreter must pass both exams (written and oral). Once completed they will send their score report to DSHS LTC credentialing.

UniversalLanguage Service will apply the same the exemption DSHS has in place for Recognized Medical Interpreter. For multiple screened languages (DSHS), only one written test is needed for all languages in each category (medical) provided that the written is passed within two years of the oral test.

UniversalLanguage Service will follow the exemption DSHS has in place for Recognized Medical Interpreter. For Chinese-Cantonese and Chinese-Mandarin interpreters, only one written test is needed for both certificates in each category (medical) provided that the written is passed within two years of the oral test.

Please read the Registration Policies prior to scheduling a test.

Registration Form

The form below will allow you to register for a specific test. Every field in the form must be filled out before submitting it for registration and payment.

Based on the test selected the form will automatically calculate the cost, including the administering and proctoring of the test. Upon completing and submitting the form an automatic email with receipt and link to select your test day and time will be sent.

If the registration confirmation link has not been received in 48 hours please contact the UniversalLanguage Testing Team at

Disclaimer: by registering for the UniversalLanguage Service test you are agreeing to follow the registration policy, testing policy (you sign off during the proctoring process), and that you will only use the testing link for scheduling one test. If the candidate is found to use the link more than once or sharing it, without proper registration and paying for the test, they will be billed by UniversalLanguage Service and until payment has been rendered to UniversalLanguage Service the Score Report, Credentialed Medical Interpreter Certificate, Bilingual Testing and Language Assessment results will be withheld and not reported to DSHS LTC for credentialing or any other entity.

Furthermore, if the candidate registers with UniversalLanguage Service the test is not refundable or transferrable to another candidate. For any further information please contact UniversalLanguage Service Testing and Training Academy at

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