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Language Testing Resources & Study Guides

The following pre-study materials are only for test administer by UniversalLanguage Service. The study guides provide examples of each testing section and answer key for each section.

The study guides also include Terminology, Code of Ethics, resources for ongoing education and training for new and seasoned interpreters.

Each study guide will include audio recording practice samples of the consecutive interpretations. The Medical Certified Interpreter test will have the audio recording samples in the source and target language.

The Medical Authorized audio recording practice samples will the in the source, ENGLISH, the interpreter will practice, on their own, in their target language.

The page will also include pre-test registration information, Gateway LTC, testing and proctoring information, ProctorU, and finally resources for ongoing professional educational growth and development. Any further questions please contact:

Spanish Medical Interpreter Test

Cantonese Medical Interpreter Test

Mandarin Medical Interpreter Test

Korean Medical Interpreter Test

Vietnamese Medical Interpreter Test

    • Study Guide: Click Here
    • Audio Practice Samples: Coming Soon!
  • Russian Medical Interpreter Test

    Medical Authorized (Screened Languages) Interpreter Test

    Additional Information & Resources

    DSHS LTC Third-Party Test Designation (Medical Interpreter Certified & Authorized (Screened) Languages Test ONLY

    I. Third-Party Tests (Medical Interpreter Tests Only) (Certified and Screened Languages)

    DSHS has expanded test options for medical interpreter tests. Starting 8/1/2022, new candidates – candidates who have never tested with LTC before and wish to pursue a DSHS medical interpreter credential, can test with one of following third-party testing entities. They can apply for a DSHS medical interpreter credential if they meet the eligibility criteria.

    Expectation Prior to Testing:

    All test candidates must create a profile in the LTC Gateway tracking system before they schedule a test with LTC or apply for a DSHS credential with a third-party test score: 

    You must have a complete Gateway profile prior to scheduling a test with LTC or applying for DSHS credential with a third-party test score.  

    • All DSHS credentials expire after 4 years, unless the renewal requirements are met. If your credential has expired, you must re-test.
    • RCW 74.04.025 limits testing of languages for which fill rates in the prior year are 90% or higher. There are no testing limitations due to fill rates at this time.
    • All certifications and authorizations require two hours of either medical or social service orientation and two hours of ethics training.

    For questions regarding LTC testing, certification, continuing education, and general information, please contact LTC:

    Testing & Proctoring Materials


    Scheduling & rescheduling can be done by using the chat function in your ProctorU account. The icon can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the ProctorU screen.

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