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Maximizing Your Success: Essential Study Resources

Practice Makes Perfect

UniversalLanguage Service is dedicated to the elevation of the profession of interpreting and the continuous education of medical interpreters in the field. The Interpreter Education & Training team is position to offer continued education units for interpreters seeking to maintain their national certification (BEI, CHI, CMI, DSHS, RID) and provide other courses and conferences, remote and onsite, to continue to grow interpreters’ practice.

40-Hour Medical Interpreter Course

UniversalLanguage Service Interpreter Education & Training Team offers the minimum medical interpreter training requirement of 40-Hours of Medical Interpreter Training Course. The training is designed to give new and emerging interpreters to have a foundation in the profession. The student will take the course in a hybrid and remote design. The student will attend live classes and will have modules that will be taken independently. They will also be scheduled and live role-play sessions to help the student practice live and in their language pair. Upon completing the course, the student will be given a certificate of completion. The certificate can be used to apply for national certification.

Live & On-Demand Webinars (Approved CEU’s for BEI, CHI, CMI, DSHS, RID)

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Test-Prep Material

  • Test Day Reminders: Open
  • Oral Test Tips: Open
  • Written Test Tips: Open
  • UniversalLangauge Oral Certified Test: Open
  • UnversalLanguage Oral Authorized Medical Test: Open
  • UnversalLanguage Written Certified Medical Test: Open
  • UnversalLanguage Written Authorized Test: Open
  • UniversalLanguage Testing Resources: Open
Interpreter Study Guides and Audio Samples

Study Guide: Download Here

Study Guide: Download Here

Study Guide: Download Here

Study Guide: Download Here

Study Guide: Download Here

Audio Samples Coming Soon!

Study Guide: Download Here

Study Guide: Download Here

Additional Information and Resources

All test candidates must create a profile in the LTC Gateway tracking system before they schedule a test with LTC or apply for a DSHS credential with a third-party test score: 





  • All DSHS credentials expire after 4 years, unless the renewal requirements are met. If your credential has expired, you must re-test.


  • RCW 74.04.025 limits testing of languages for which fill rates in the prior year are 90% or higher. No testing limitations due to fill rates.


  • All certifications and authorizations require two hours of either medical or social service orientation and two hours of ethics training.


For questions regarding LTC testing certification, continuing education, and general information, please contact LTC:










Scheduling & rescheduling can be done by using the chat function in your ProctorU account. The icon can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the ProctorU screen.

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