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Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation is an ideal solution for On-Demand access to over 200 language interpreters when you need it, at any time, from any phone within seconds, and it’s as easy as:



Dial your assigned

Toll-Free number

Provide your dedicated
Access Code


Request the Language you need

Get connected to an interpreter within 15 seconds or less




About Over-the-Phone Interpretation


Universal Language Service interpreters listen to your limited English speaking client, analyze their message and convey its original meaning to you or your team accurately and efficiently.  Interpreters are trained in Over-the-Phone Interpreting techniques, and are carefully screened, tested and certified by nationally recognized professional organizations.


Universal Language Service interpreters are HIPAA and Joint Commission compliant and bound by a Language Interpreter Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.  This ensures that the information disclosed and interpretation remains strictly confidential and is done in a professional manner.  In addition, interpreters are covered by professional liability insurance with extended coverage.


We would be very pleased to help you extend your organization within diverse communities, by supporting you around the clock with Over-the-Phone Interpretation services using the latest technology tailored to your needs and existing equipment settings.  The entire Universal Language Service team is dedicated to building a long-lasting business partnership and strives to offer the most cost-effective rates in the industry, all while providing quality services, flexibility, and support that your staff and clients can depend on.


To learn more about Over-the-Phone Interpretation, set up an account or request a free quote, complete the Contact Us form below or call us at 1-888-462-0500.

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